Monday, November 5, 2012

Trim Heatlhy Mama ~Day 4~

Sorry this post is a bit late. I spent most of the day yesterday working on my sewing projects and ran out of time to get everything done.

For breakfast we had oatmeal with frozen berries. I want to like oatmeal I really do. I know it is good for me and very filling but I just can't do it. I managed 3 bites before I had to go take my nausea meds. My pregnant stomach was just not up for it.

My son however had 2 large cups and loved it. My twins were happy to pick out all the fruit and actually ate the oatmeal that was surrounding the berries. My oldest however tried it and said it needed some flavor so she put a few spoonfuls of real sugar on hers.

Okay I am going to be real here. After not eating breakfast, sewing all afternoon, and being constantly buzzed by search and rescue helicopters flying up to the coast to help with hurricane Sandy relief I broke. I ended up going to Arby's for a roast beef sandwich. Since I ended up with a fat and a carb in the same meal we will call it a crossover meal and call it a day. Crossover meals are good for those who are trying to maintain their weight or those who are pregnant and not gaining weight correctly. So no big deal as I am not trying to lose weight just to maintain.

Tonight's dinner was a roasted chicken (I altered the recipe to cook in my crockpot) and zucchini fries. I was a little unsure of the recipe for the chicken as it called for zigzagging prepared mustard on top before cooking. Um....mustard? I re-read that part several times trying to convince myself that was actually what they meant. I was willing to give it a go even though I was not sure. Turned out really good. The mustard changed flavors as it cooked. It wasn't sharp and in your face anymore. It really was pretty good and no one complained! *When you are feeding 7 that is a big deal!*

The zucchini fries were fun for my oldest daughter to make. She liked getting to prepare them herself. Once they were fried though they were pretty much just regular old zucchini since most of the coating stuck to the bottom of my pan. Need to see if I can fix that next time.

Over all dinner was a hit and everyone ate well. I put the bones and the juices in my crockpot to make my homemade broth, so win win.

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