Monday, November 19, 2012

Trim Healthy Mama ~Day 19~

Trim and Healthy pancakes....come on you know you wanna try them!

I was exhausted and queasy at lunch time so I had a nausea pill, some crackers, and some laughing cow cheese and called it a meal.

Tonight's dinner was a "empty out the pantry" meal. My husband's pay was short this pay period and cuts had to be made somewhere. That somewhere is most easily found in the grocery budget. Some meals in the next two weeks are going to be a bit odd. They will be using pantry items to make healthy meals, they just might be a bit odd.

Tonight we had a Mediterranean themed meal. I put several tilapia fillets from my freezer in my crockpot, still frozen. Added some frozen tomatoes from my garden, a jar of olives that have been in the door of my fridge for a while, and diced up an onion. I cooked it all on low till the frozen items were defrosted and the fish cooked.

Once everything was cooked I diced up some whole wheat bread that no one was going to eat (my family prefers white bread) and mixed it in.

Wham bam we have a healthy E meal on the fly.

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