Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trim Healthy Mama ~Day 7~

So far so good back on track for today :)

 I went simple.....mostly because today is grocery shop day and I needed to get to the store before the snow falling outside got any worse. I had 2 fried eggs and a few pieces of bacon before I left. I managed to get all my grocery shopping done without splurging on a sugary drink at the checkout, and I even drove past the fast food places without even being tempted to stop. It is 4 hours later as I type this and I am not hungry at all yet. Since I am all alone (the little ones are napping and the big girls are at school) I have no need to make lunch till I am ready so that is good :)

Okay don't throw anything at me but I am having cake for lunch. It had been 5 hours since breakfast and I wasn't actually hungry. I think it is a bit of a hangover from yesterday's carb loading,  I was however starting to get a headache so I decided to eat something. Trouble is I didn't actually want to eat anything food related. I have a friend who told me how much she liked the Cake in a Mug recipe from the book so I decided to give it a go with some milk. I was a bit hesitant since it doesn't have any flour in it. I mean what kind of a cake are you gonna make with no flour?  Yeah never mind it is good! Mine was a bit bitter since I went on the low end of the recommended amount of truvia. After the first few bites though I was good to go. It was so good I couldn't stop thinking about how good it would be with some ice know they have an ice cream recipe in the book as well ;) You also know that as soon as the glucomannan powder that I ordered gets here I will be eating the ice cream :)

We are going "off book" for dinner this week. Since it is snowing like crazy outside I decided to go tropical for our dinner. Cause you know that is how my brain works ;) 

We went with the Baja-style Chicken Bowl
I am classifying this as a E meal since it has very little fat and contains carbs.

I made some alterations to the dish. I substituted coconut oil for the vegetable oil and left the corn out of my portion (since corn is carb heavy and I wanted some rice with mine). I added some 0% greek yogurt on top for a nice "sour cream" flavor. I should have used quinoa instead of the rice but I was pressed for time and didn't feel like making two pots of carbs for one dinner.

It was a big hit. My husband was a bit concerned that I had snuck something weird into the meal (like tofu or something). Once I convinced him it was normal foods he dug in and had seconds. My son was keeping right up with him and went back for 4ths. I thought it was really good and the recipe has earned a spot in my recipe binder.

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