Friday, November 2, 2012

Trim Healthy Mama ~Day 2~

This morning I had a 4 egg white omelet....okay my pan was too small and it turned into a frittata instead. Close enough! I decided to go with tomato, bell pepper, and spring onions for my veggies. That plus the light cheese and the touch of parmesan cheese were a pretty good combination.

To make this an E meal (carbs and no fat) I decided on a half a small apple as my side (little people ate the other half right off my plate).  I would have preferred a banana but those are pretty high in sugar and on my "no no" list these days.

For my drink I went with water this morning since I woke up with a sore throat this morning. I think the heat is drying me out so I am pushing the water today.

About 2 hours after eating breakfast I was hungry again. Since I had a E breakfast I needed a E snack to go with it. I ended up going with two slices of "extra thin" whole wheat bread, with a wedge of light cheese smeared on top. I didn't actually get to eat it all since little people swarmed as soon as they saw me eating. I did get a piece though and some almond milk to wash it all down. I should be good to go till lunch.


My original plan was to have yesterday's leftovers for lunch today. Unfortunately (or fortunately however you look at it) there were no leftovers last night. Instead I was on my own for lunch today. Since today's lunch was an S meal (fat and no carbs) I decided to go have the leftover cheesy broccoli and some leftover mini smokies. There was a string cheese as well, but it didn't make it to the picture since I was starving and ate it while the rest of the food was heating up. Doesn't look like overly much but it was enough to fill me up till dinner.

Tonight's dinner is another E meal (carbs and no fats). I decided to go with the Italian chicken. I threw it all in the crockpot this morning....most of it still frozen.... I love my crockpot!  By dinner time tonight it was smelling yummy. I didn't have enough room in my crockpot to cook the quinoa with the chicken as the recipe called for (my very large crockpot was overflowing!) so I made the quinoa on the stove right before dinner time.

We had never had quinoa before and I had a lot of  the "what did you say?" faces when I told them what it was.  I went with the "it tastes like pasta" line since my kids love pasta. That was enough to get my older two who are picky to try it. In reality I don't think it tastes like anything. I guess I would say it is like rice. Really just no flavor at all when made with water.

Dinner was a hit tonight as well. I learned from last night and doubled the amount of chicken this time and it is a good thing I did or we would have been without leftovers again. The most popular part of the meal though was the green beans and tomatoes. I actually had to limit the amount of veggies my younger three ate because they were eating just the veggies and not their chicken.  The quinoa was very filling, a lot more filling than I was expecting. My husband and I were both very full with just a half a cup of the quinoa.

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