Wednesday, November 7, 2012

1 week into the challenge :)

Well today is the 7th day of the Trim Healthy Mama challenge so I thought  I would share how it is going over here.

I took a peak at the scale this morning and not only has my 2lb a week weight gain stopped I actually lost a few ounces this week. The swelling in my hands has gone down (I am sure thanks to switching to sea salt over table salt) and I was able to get my wedding rings on this morning.

I went to the grocery store this morning and got stocked up for another week. This week my husband will be out of town so there will be no red meat in the line up. I am NOT a fan of red meat normally and especially not a fan during pregnancy. Lots of chicken, shrimp, and fish this week.

I also am changing up the meal planning process. I don't like planning all the meals for the entire day. I am not that well organized. Instead I have planned out the dinners and bought the staples needed for breakfasts and lunches. I like the more "fly by the seat of my pants" approach when it comes to those two meals. Also the dinners this week will be for the most part based off of recipes from websites and blogs. When these meals are in the rotation I will give you the link so you can check them out as well.

Ready for week 2?!

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