Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trim Healthy Mama ~Day 3~

Alright this morning we are speaking my language. A 2 egg omelet cooked in butter with zucchini and two different types of cheese. Seriously.....yummy :) And kept me full for hours and hours.

Today's lunch was leftovers from yesterday's dinner.  Nothing overly exciting to report on this front today.

Tonight's dinner was meatloaf with mashed cauliflower. Dinner started out with my husband saying "It looks good" and ended with him having nothing but complaints. The meatloaf was too tough. The cauliflower was nasty. Of course as soon as he started complaining the older kids followed suit. The only ones that actually ate their dinner (besides me) was the youngest two toddlers. They both really liked the cauliflower and my son liked the meatloaf. Guess you can't win them all. Unfortunatly we won't be repeating tonight's dinner and I apparently will be staying away from cauliflower in the future as my husband was very specific that he does NOT like it. Even after 13yrs I am still learning things about the man. 

Sorry no pic of dinner tonight. I completely forgot until after we had eaten.

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