Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The $13.06 Clothing Challenge

Ever have one of those mornings where you wake up to realize your child has outgrown all their clothes? Maybe it is just my kids that grow like mutants in the middle of the night, but I doubt it! This morning I found that my son had outgrown all his pajamas, seriously none of them fit anymore! How is that possible?

Since he is our only son I don't have any hand-me downs stashed in a closet for him so I needed to go out and buy him all new pajamas, trouble is new clothes were not budgeted for this months paycheck. In a effort to be as frugal as possible I decided to see how much cash I could come up with from around the house. After scrounging around in the bottom of my diaper bag and my car ashtray I found $13.06 Now if I was shopping in a retail store this would get me maybe 2 outfits, if I was lucky. Instead of shopping retail I decided to go to the local thrift store and see how many pairs of jammies I could find for my little man. Unfortunately they were not having any killer sales this week but I did do pretty good, 7 pairs of pajamas for $12.20

The even better part is that these are 3T jammies and he only needed 2T. With a little creative sewing I will be able to baste up the pant legs to fit him now, and then with a little snip of a thread they will still fit him through his next growth spurt. Talk about getting your moneys worth!

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