Monday, October 8, 2012

Reusable Snack Bags

In an effort to reduce the amount of consumables we as a family go through I have been looking at alternatives to ziploc type storage bags. My oldest two daughters take a snack to school every day, usually in a ziploc bag which then would get thrown away. That is 46 bags a mth! So instead I decided to make these reusable snack bags out of scraps I had leftover from a previous project. They were super simple to make, so simple I don't have a pattern for you.

Here is how I made them. First I cut two pieces of fabric 17.5x8.5 one for the inside one for the outside. Turn them right side together and sew around the edges leaving a 2in hole so you can turn the fabric right side out. Turn the fabric. Fold the bottom up to make the pouch (with the hole were you turned it on the top flap that will fold down. Then go around the edges of the pouch part with a pretty stitch. Then turn over and stitch the top flap, sealing the hole as you go. Then add the snap. Simple. Took me maybe 20min for both of them.

Super simple and easy to make. My kids love them and have gotten lots of complements from their classmates.

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