Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nacho's with Chicken and Black Beans

For dinner tonight we had nachos! I love nachos! So easy and who doesn't love eating something on a salty chip? I made some changes to this recipe just based on what I felt like at the moment. I left off the chicken as I didn't feel like defrosting the cooked chicken in my freezer. I also didn't use the lime juice or the salsa, just wasn't in a salsa mood. I did however substitute in olives since I did want something salty.

Nacho's with chicken and black beans

tortilla chips $1.99
black beans $0.25
Monterey Jack cheese $0.89
onion $0.09

light sour cream $0.47
Olives $0.54

Total for nachos: $4.23 

They were yummy for me but the kids were not fans. They like their chips plain please :)

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