Monday, October 8, 2012

Stocking up ~Case lot sales~

Twice a year our local store has a case lot sale. Usually this is a great time to stock up on toiletries and cleaning supplies. Since the items available vary at each sale I have gotten in the habit of buying 1-2 years worth of products when they are available. At our last case lot sale there were cases of body wash and laundry soap that were at a stock up price. I took advantage of the fact I underspent that months grocery budget and used the excess money to buy as much as I could. I ended up having to go back a second day because even though I use two carts when shopping I didn't have enough room for all the big boxes and big containers of laundry soap. I am so in love with my laundry soap haul I had to get a picture!

I bought 22mths of laundry soap (doing 2 loads a day). Total cost $48. That is $2.18 a mth! And I don't have to worry about adding it to my budget for another year and half at least.

I love case lot sales. I am hoping that at our next one in the spring they will have shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste. We stocked up on these items last November and are starting to run low.

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