Sunday, October 7, 2012

Freezer Cooking ~Putting up the harvest~

We have a small garden that does well to provide the daily needs of our family. We are lucky enough to have some leftover produce to put up for the winter, but had to decide how to preserve it. We don't have enough produce in my opinion to warrant canning. I don't feel like dragging everything out to do just one can at a time. Instead I decided to freeze the produce. I had been using ziploc bags and they had been doing a great job. I however am planning a large freezer meal cooking spree in the coming months to prepare for our newest baby. While looking over different blogs on the subject of freezer cooking I saw that a foodsaver was the method of choice for those that do large quantities often. I was able to find a used foodsaver for $20 and snapped that sucker up. It works great and  my kids and I think it is pretty fun to use. Tonight I put up all our leftover tomatoes and peppers. They are in the freezer all ready for the next stew or fajita recipe I feel like making. Aren't they pretty? I just love using heirloom seeds when ever possible. The rainbow of colors that comes from heirloom plants are just so much fun.

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