Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tastefully Simple Hearty Italian Soup

A few weeks ago my neighbor was having a Tastefully Simple party and I decided to try some of their soup mixes. My thought being that they would be a nice simple shelf stable thing to have on hand for nights when I didn't feel like cooking but we needed to eat. Tonight we are trying the Hearty Italian Soup Mix. Seems simple enough. Just add a 1/2lb of cooked ground beef (which I have already cooked and in my freezer) and simmer for 15min. That with a loaf of frozen bread heated up and we are good to go!

Soup mix $8.69
Ground beef $1.40
Loaf of bread $1.00

Total for meal: $11.09

Not the cheapest meal but it is seriously easy, and that is what I need for tonight. My son had minor surgery yesterday and I am pretty far behind around here after taking all day yesterday to care for him. So more expensive than from scratch, but cheaper than takeout. It is a win in my book!

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