Monday, October 8, 2012

Honey Hoisen Chicken in the Crockpot

Guess what I just threw in my crockpot....yep.....

Honey Hoisen Chicken
  • chicken breasts $1.00
  • hoisin sauce $0.59
  • soy sauce $0.30
  • honey $0.50
  • chicken broth ~Free from homemade stock~
Total for Chicken:  $2.39

Lets see... I buy my meat, honey, and soy sauce in bulk which saves me a bundle. I also didn't have any ground ginger on hand and was not going to buy an entire jar just for 1/4tsp so I omitted it from the recipe.  I served this with some long grain rice and a can of green beans and called it a day. It was yummy and I may have helped the little ones finish off their leftover chicken.

Rice $0.75
Green Beans $1.00

Total for meal:  $4.14

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