Monday, March 25, 2013

What are we eating?

Since making the change over to only whole foods and cutting out all processed junk our diet has changed quite a bit....for the better! Whenever I hear that someone has made this type of change I am always curious what they are eating. I thought I would share some of our typical meals...

*Homemade muffins with whole ingredients and no processed sugar
*Pasture fed eggs cooked in either butter or bacon drippings, no vegetable oils or spray oils
*Cinnamon toast made out of homemade bread
*Smoothies made with whole fruit and organic milk
*Yogurt (organic)

*Sandwiches on homemade bread made with whole meats (no lunch meats)

*Baked goods made with whole ingredients
*Fresh Fruit
*Nuts and seeds (my kids can kill a container of peanuts with sea salt in one sitting)
*Yogurt (organic)
*Dried fruits
*Organic Cereal with organic milk
*Homemade popsicles made with frozen fruit and organic milk
*Cheese cubes (organic)

*We are still eating through our pre-baby meal stockpile. Luckily 99% of these were made with whole ingredients.
*Lots of whole organic veggies as side dishes

Kind of simple huh? It however has made a world of difference!

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