Friday, March 29, 2013

Making your own Lunch Meat

 My husband is a meat eater. Every meal he eats MUST have meat in it or he is NOT happy. Since lunch meats are on the no-no list I decided to make our own lunch meats! It was really pretty simple. I bought a chicken for $7.99 and threw it in my covered baker for 2 hours at 350. Once it was done I let it cool for about an hour until it was cool to the touch.  Then I pulled it out onto a cutting board and cut the meat off the bone being careful to not shred it. I also pulled the wishbone out for my kids, they love those things!

  Make sure to keep the drippings and the bones to make your own bone stock!

 Once I had the chicken all cut into strips it was time to make myself a sandwich. I used homemade white bread, mayo, organic spinach and tomatoes. Talk about yummy!

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