Sunday, March 24, 2013

Homemade Organic Diaper Rash Cream

I love all those little jars of specialized creams you can find for babies. My favorite is organic diaper rash cream. You can use that stuff on just about everything from chapped cheeks to razor burn and it works wonders. It however is $15 for 2oz....and 2oz lasts a very short amount of time when you 8 people dipping into it. I have always wanted to make my own cream but the list of ingredients was a bit off putting. They were so odd and sounded so hard to come by that I just knew it was going to be terribly expensive. I decided to give it a try though figuring just knowing what was in my cream would make up for the fact that it was bound to be more expensive to make. I was SO wrong on that point! 

I found a recipe for diaper rash cream via pinterest (as usual my go to place for odd recipes). I decided to give it a go, especially since she linked to amazon in her post for each ingredient. I bought all the supplies off of amazon except for the little glass jars. Because of the "no new stuff challenge" I could not buy brand new little jars. After thinking about it for a bit I decided that baby food jars would work perfectly. I posted on my local facebook yard sale sites to see if anyone had any they wanted to get rid of as well as checking on ebay. I was shocked to see how much used baby food jars were selling for! Anywhere from $0.50-$1 per jar PLUS shipping! Are you kidding me? You can get them at the store for $0.40 and they have FOOD in them!  I decided to buy a few jars at the commissary and use the contents to make muffins for this week. I washed out the jars and got them all ready for the cream to go in. 

I bought enough of the cream ingredients to make the recipe 9 times for a total of $39 (I already had the coconut oil and olive oil in my pantry). I tripled the recipe when I made it this time since it is good for 1yr after mixing and I didn't see the point in messing up my kitchen every time I needed a jar. It took about 20min to combine and melt all the ingredients and then another 30min for my mixer to get it all whipped up (I left it to do it's thing and went to nurse the baby while it worked). 

So tripling the recipe got me 16oz of diaper rash cream....that means that for my investment of $39 (or two jars of the commercial cream) I can make 48oz of organic diaper rash cream. That is a retail value of $360! I saved myself $321 and I know exactly what is in my diaper rash cream and more importantly why it is in there. I am so excited!

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