Friday, March 29, 2013

Turning bar soap into liquid soap!

 As I have mentioned before we are going chemical free in both out diet and our beauty routines. Organic soap however is really not cheap! We ended up buying Dr. Bronner's mild organic bar soap and a bottle of glycerin and decided to try making our own liquid soap. I found this recipe and gathered all my ingredients.

I started to grate my soap but quickly realized that it was much easier to just shave it with my knife.After letting it sit for the recommended 12 hours I was shocked to see it had turned to a solid in my pot!
 It however was super simple break apart in my mixer and I was able to fill up multiple empty containers from around my house. I have been using the soap for several days now and I am sold!
Total for soap and glycerine for 1 gallon of organic liquid soap: $5.30
Price for one gallon of Dr Bronner's Mild Baby organic liquid soap: $55.26

Total saved: $49.96!

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