Thursday, March 21, 2013

No New Stuff Challenge. Third week of March

This week has been a very busy week at our house. With my husband out of the country for the week my life got very hectic very quickly. While that is bad for my stress level it is good for the No New Stuff Challenge. I have been too busy to want to go shopping!

Lets see....this week I really wanted to buy some new books off of amazon for my kindle. I was home alone at night and bored out of my mind. I tried to rationalize it with myself that technically I was buying a digital book so it didn't really count...right? I mean I download stuff online all the time...I just don't pay for those. I held firm though and did some window shopping instead. I went through and any books I thought looked good I requested a sample to be sent to my kindle. Once I read the sample I either deleted it or added it to my wishlist. I actually got so many sample chapters that I have not even gotten through them all! I was also able to find some great free books for my kindle as well. Total win!

Next up is an ice cream maker I have been wanting forever. We are cutting all processed foods out of our diet and it would be amazing to have an ice cream maker so that I could make ice cream for my family with organic milk and fruit. Brand new they retail for about $60, amazon however has them used for $35 with free shipping. I have to admit I almost did it. I almost bought one. I talked myself out of it at the last minute though. I may eventually get one but right now our budget is stretched thin with getting rid of all the chemical filled soaps and products in our house and replacing them with natural or organic versions.

Lastly this week I really wanted to buy some mason jar soap dispensers.  They would look so cute filled with the new soap I am about to make, and well they just make me happy. I looked and there are several listed on the internet that are made with recycled jars and lids. I almost talked myself into it, I mean they are almost totally made out of recycled products. One catch though the pump in almost all the cases are brand new. *sigh* I tried to talk myself into it I really did. I would be all over an item that was made out of 100% recycled materials. I just can't in good conscious overlook the new pump during the middle of the no new stuff challenge. So I will be reusing the plastic soap dispensers we already have  and looking for items used to turn into my own pretty containers.

Total I would have spent on stuff this week: $165
Total actually spent: $0

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever checked out EFLING? you can "rent" a book for your kindle and it is like $1 a book. My husband bas been loving it.


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