Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring Cleaning Closet #2

The next closet up for a good cleaning out is my toddlers closet. While the coat closet might give my husband fits this is the closet that gives me a stroke. Stuff is always falling out and the kids are always getting into it and throwing things on the floor. I was at my wits end here. Something had to give.

 Looks better huh?

 I still like to open the door and stare happily in at the finished product. I really didn't do a lot. I cut my cloth diaper stash down by a third. I actually got rid of 46 diapers and still have more than enough to cloth diaper two children at a time! I also found some disposable training pants and goodnights that I have been saving since my 6yr old potty trained! Those are being used now thank goodness, I would hate to have to store those things for another few years till my next child potty trained! I also went through all of my totes and made sure the size of the clothes inside was clearly visible from the outside without me having to manhandle the totes out of the closet.

Again my children are NOT allowed to even look in this closet!

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