Friday, March 1, 2013

March is "Spring Cleaning" month!

March is Spring Cleaning month around our house! Which means you all get to be treated to pictures of my unorganized home, aren't you so happy?!

Where to start? Well I guess we will start with the closet that was driving my husband nuts. Our coat closet. He would literally start to twitch when the kids would leave the door open (because there was too much junk on the floor to get the door to close). So I did a lot of thinking about what the problems were and how we could fix them.

Problem number one: The big girls could not reach the hangers to hang up their coats so they would just throw them on the floor.

Problem number two: They had no where to put their backpacks so they would just throw them on the floor.

Problem number three: They couldn't reach their cubbies because of all the stuff on the floor so they would just throw their shoes on the floor.

.....See where I am going here?

My solution? I ordered this wonderful coat locker system (this was ordered BEFORE we started our 2013 no new "stuff" challenge).

Each child now has a cubbie they can reach where they can hang up their coats, backpacks, and put their shoes away. No more excuses and they are NOT allowed to open the coat closet door for any reason now. My husband couldn't be happier!

Isn't it pretty now? The large tote on the upper shelf to the right has all of our outgrown coats and duplicate sized coats.

The clear tote to the left of that one has all of our outgrown shoes.

On the clothing rod I have the umbrellas hanging on a hanger so they can no longer be used as bats or clubs depending on the child wielding them.

The purple bag is full of toddler socks, no more searching for socks when it is time to put on shoes!

I kept one light coat per child hanging in this closet and put their heavy winter coats on their hook in their coat locker. Come spring I will switch them out.

The cubbies in here are now for my husband and I to use for our shoes as well as the kids snow boots.

Last but not least we have my single stroller.

So much nicer and so much easier for everyone to use!

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