Saturday, March 23, 2013

I am a whirlwind!

Honestly we are changing so many things at once right now that I am a bit of a whirlwind!

Lets see:
*No new stuff in 2013 challenge
*Cutting all chemicals out of our household cleaning/beauty routines
*Removing all plastics from our kitchen
*Removing all processed foods from our diet and replacing them with whole non-processed (preferably organic) foods.

Nice and simple right? ACK! I might have bitten off more than I can chew here!

Where are we now?
*The no new stuff challenge is going well. So far so good!
*Cutting out all chemicals: We are getting there. We have switched to the Kiss my face shampoo and conditioner but have hit a bit of a snafu with our soap order. I ordered it and was sent the incorrect product via amazon. They were great about it and my new order should be here on Monday. I can NOT wait to switch our hand and shower soaps to organic all natural soap. We decided to use up the dish and laundry soap that we currently have before going to all natural for those. I did make up 16oz of homemade (organic) diaper rash cream today, a $120 value for half the price and I still have tons left to make another batch.
*Removing all plastics from our kitchen: We are currently saving glass jars and using our glass Pyrex storage containers. I have a massive amount of plastic storage containers that I need to go through and clean out. Hopefully I can sell them and put the money towards buying some more glass storage containers.
*Cutting all processed foods from our diet: We are one week into this change and things are going well. I have been doing tons of reading on natural living blogs getting lots of ideas. Finding ways to pay for all natural organic foods for 8 people isn't easy but we feel it is important. We have found a local farmers market that has pasture fed eggs, and our local commissary has a good range of organic dairy and shelf stable items. I am still looking for a good source of organic grass fed meats and organic produce. I am hoping to find a local farmer that offers both.

We have our hands full to be sure! We are however doing well and really enjoying the changes we are making.

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