Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas is finally here!

Well we finally got our Christmas tree up last night. Yes I know we are procrastinators :D Despite the warm weather I think that we are finally in the Christmas spirit over here. I still haven't done ANY Christmas shopping though. The girls get so much stuff from Grandma and Grandpa that it just seems silly to buy them more. We have already gotten 10boxes each with multiple gifts in each, and that is just one set of Grandparents! I think that I am going to get them some stuff for their stockings and say done, not like they are going to know the difference. Bryan on the other hand will know if I don't get him something so I guess I am going to have to brave the stores :( He finally told me what he wants for Christmas this year....clothes. This from the man who's list usually consists completely of new video games! He says he knows he is getting old when he starts asking for clothes for Christmas :D Of course he wants shorts and even though it never gets below 75 here all the stores have switched to winter clothes....could get interesting!

And here is a pic of our VERY small backyard that we decorated as well....

As for my goals for the week I opened an savings account for my farm and deposited my first $25. Feels good to be making a change :D

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