Saturday, December 20, 2008

Done Shopping!

Well I am finally done with my Christmas shopping for this year. I managed to get Bry and the girls all their gifts for $150....not bad if you ask me. Since the girls get SO much from their Grandparents it just seems silly for us to go broke buying them extra gifts, so we stick with the stockings. It is defiantly relaxing to have it all over and done, now I just have to wrap everything from the Grandparents and get it all organized.

We have a family tradition that every year on Christmas Eve we make homemade cookies for Santa. This year we were going to make some fancy vegan cookies that I saw in a magazine that looked great, but they were a little pricey on the budget. There were about 11 ingredients on the list and I had NONE of them! So instead we are going to go with the standard Chocolate Chip cookie that I have it on good authority Santa loves :D This will be the first Christmas that Sara gets to make the cookies so it should be fun!

Bryan actually has the entire next week off and I couldn't be more shocked. I of course still have to work but I am taking Christmas Eve and Christmas day off so that is something at least. I got all the stuff for Christmas Dinner today while I was out so it should be quite the feast over here :) Still not sure if we are having friends over or if it will be just us, either way it should be a wonderful day.

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