Sunday, December 14, 2008

My goals

So I have this image in my head about where I will be in 10yrs. It has been the same dream for years upon years and I just realized that I am doing NOTHING to get there! I know that unless I work hard and dedicate myself my dreams are never going to come true. So I thought that maybe having a place to put me thoughts down and work through some of my issues might help me stay focused and keep working at it even though it is not going to be easy.

So you may be asking what is the dream that has been rattling around in my head for the last 10 yrs? OK here it goes:

First off I want to own a goat/sheep farm in the highlands of Scotland. This is the one that is complicated. Since Bry is in the Air Force we are never in the same place for more than 3yrs, owning property is a big problem. I love to travel and I have SO enjoyed all the new places we have gotten to see. I would NEVER ask Bry to get out, I honestly enjoy the lifestyle. So this is one dream that has to wait till he retires, only 15 more years to go! The fact that this dream is going to have to wait till retirement is the thing that is pushing the rest of my dreams to the back burner....why bother I have 15yrs to work on it kind of thing. But I know that if I don't start working on it now I am never going to get there.

Secondly I want my family and my future farm to be ecologically responsible. I want us to live with the minimum of carbon off put and I want us to get away from all the chemicals that are everywhere in our society. I have started working on this one but we have a ways to go. I am growing my own organic veggies, making my own cleaning supplies, buying organic produce, and buying organic/responsible products. But as with everything there is a ways to go before I will feel like we have reached my goal.

Third I want to raise children that are morally and physically responsible. I refuse to allow anything negative to affect my children. There will be no Brats dolls or mid drift showing tops in my house. I want to raise little girls who are more interested in their government/society/environment than in what the latest "hot thing" is for their peers. I have contemplated homeschooling the girls to cut down on the amount of outside influences that are affecting them, but I don't think I will ever do it. I don't want to restrict ALL outside influences and I the world at large is not going to drastically change by the time they go to college (and they WILL be going to college) so I need to prepare them to live in the world as it is. They need to know how to deal with all those negative influences on their own because I won't always be there. So homeschooling is out and I need to figure out how to raise children who are true to themselves and strong enough to show it.

Fourth I want to be completely 100% debt free. I have worked out a budget and if we stick to it we will have accomplished this one in 12 months. The hard part for me is sticking to it though. There is a reason we have $8,000 is credit car debt and a car we couldn't afford, I have a little problem with impulse shopping. I LOVE to shop it doesn't matter what I am shopping for I just LOVE buying things. Need to get this one under control ASAP.

OK so there are my goals. I am going to use this blog as a way to stay centered and keep my goals moving in the right direction.

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