Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My quilt

So I FINALLY finished the quilt I have been working on forever. This is defiantly my frugal and green thing for the week. I started this quilt over 2yrs ago when trying to conceive my second daughter as a way to stay busy and not obsess since it wasn't happening. I was at home visiting family and friends when I got the idea to make a quilt. Some friends of mine from college and I picked out all the fabric. We have since drifted apart as happens over time so it is a nice final outing that I will always have a physical memento of. I started cutting out the pieces as soon as I returned to England and magically once they were all cut out I got pregnant with Sara. We then moved to a bigger house and with unpacking, being pregnant, and taking care of an 18mo old I lost interest in the project. Fast forward two years later and we moved once again this time to Hawaii. I found the pieces in a box and became interested in working on it again. I pieced about half of it (by hand) before I had to start sewing new diapers for Sara so it once again got put on the back burner this on and off again work on it has continued since. When Bry asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year I said a new quilt for my bed even though I had this one on a shelf 1/4 quilted. So in the interests of my budget and being more green I thought better of it and told him I would just finish the one I had started. So after 2yrs of working on it I can finally say it is DONE! Woo Hoo :D It is 100% handmade (my sewing machine and I are not currently speaking after making the diapers) and will always have tons of memories for me.

I have some extra pieces left and I was trying to decide what to do with them. I think that I have enough to make a twin quilt (may need to add a little more white to pull it off) but I don't really want my daughters bed to match mine so I think when I finish it I will be putting it up on etsy.com maybe with the incentive of being paid I can get it done a little quicker! lol

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