Sunday, December 14, 2008

Step One

Well it is all well and good to make a list of goals but what am I going to do about them? I think that once a week I am going to make an effort to make progress on each of my goals. So let's see.....

Goal #1: My farm....this one is going to take some serious once a week I am going to deposit $25 into a savings account for use in buying my farm. Yes I know that at this rate I will be 90 by the time I can afford it, but it is a step in the right direction and there is nothing that says I can't put more in once I have paid off my debt.

Goal #2: Becoming more Green: Once a week I am going to come on here and tell you lovely people my newest endeavor into becoming a more green family :D Lets see how creative I can become.

Goal #3: Raising little girls in a increasing sexual/morally bankrupt society: This one is easy right now. Since they are 4 and 2 it is really easy to control what they watch and come into contact with. I plan to continue on the path I have been following for the present and re-evaluate when Hailey starts school.

Goal #4: Debt free. This one is going to take some dedication on my part. I have my budget but I am not the greatest at sticking to it. So I am going to start writing down everything I spend and keeping within my budget. Once a week I will come on here and let you all know how wonderfully I am doing :P

Goal #5: Finishing Teaching Certification Program. I am going to start working with a tutor and I am going to pass this stupid final. I will let you all know how wonderfully I am doing :D

Goal #6: Ecological Volunteer work. I have sent out some emails looking for some opportunities locally and I will continue to do some research on this one. There is a wonderful conservation area close by but since it is on another island there is no way I can economically justify volunteering there ($700 round trip).

I defiantly feel better now that I have that all worked out. Now to stick to it!

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