Sunday, December 28, 2008

Garden Update

A few weeks ago I managed to get all my new veggies planted and I am happy to say that they are sprouting! All of my zucchini are now up as well as my cucumbers, I think I have a bell pepper that just sprouted but it has been raining for days here and I have not been able to get out there to inspect. Still no tomatoes or onions but if I remember correctly they have the longest germination period. With all the tropical storms hitting us recently there is defiantly enough moisture out there! My last two attempts at growing a veggie garden failed so if this works I am going to be one happy camper. The first time we were in a drought and I didn't get them watered enough, the second time they needed more fertilizer and I didn't realize it till it was to late. This time I have both those fronts covered so we shall see..... I will get a pic up once it stops raining long enough to go out there!

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