Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pizza night!

I don't know about at your house but pizza night is a BIG hit at my house. Usually I just make the traditional pizza's: Pepperoni, cheese, and a "mama pizza" with olives, peppers and onions. My husband has told me that he is "not very adventurous with pizza" he prefers pepperoni, which does make my life easier to be sure. However as I mentioned in my last post I am in the middle of cleaning out my refrigerator door of all the little things that just never seem to get used.

One of those things was a half a bottle of Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. I bought it seriously a YEAR ago and it is STILL in my fridge.........or it was cause I used it to make this yummy thin crust thai pizza. That pizza was honestly the reason I bought the sauce to start with but after 2 pizzas I didn't feel like having a third to finish off the bottle hence the hanging out in my fridge for a year.

I altered the recipe a bit since I didn't have everything called for in the recipe....and I was trying to clean out my fridge not add more. So I used her crust recipe, which is our go to crust every week. It is the perfect easy peasy thin crust recipe. Then I dumped the last of my sweet chili sauce on with some onion from the bottom of my fridge. I added some thinly sliced zucchini and some mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Done!

I seriously love this pizza it is just different enough to be exciting and new but not over the top crazy. Although it is a bit too adventurous for my pepperoni loving husband. Even if it was spicy (which he loves) he decided to pass and stick to just the boring old same old same old. Oh well more for me!

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