Friday, March 14, 2014

Our Curriculum: Reading

The latest in our curriculum breakdown.......reading!

I am a book junkie. I could read an entire novel in a day if given the opportunity! I have always hoped that my children would inherit my love for books. A few years ago I didn't think this was going to be an option. My oldest daughter has PDD-NOS and had a hard time learning to read. She struggled through her work and it was painful for me to sit with her and help her sound out every.single.word. even words she had read a million times before. We kept at it however and kept plodding through the same books over and over again until suddenly in 3rd grade something clicked. Suddenly she was reading at grade level and better yet she was reading for fun!

My second daughter didn't have nearly the same struggles but she still needs a lot of one on one help while reading and sounding things out. She is not quite to the point of reading for fun but we are working on it.

What is our reading plan for the year? Well we are taking full advantage of the base library for sure. The girls and I go in once a week and load up on books. I require my 7yr old to get 5 books and 1 of those must be nonfiction. My 9yr old usually gets 3 books to read through out the week. At this point my 2nd grader reads a grade level book a day and my 9yr old reads for 30min a day from a chapter book.

I am so glad that we have a library close to our house and have the opportunity to use it quite liberally for our reading needs. I am also very thankful that it doesn't have late fees!

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