Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our Curriculum: Language Arts

I am going to be totally honest here.......my children got their total hatred for Language Arts from their mother. Yes. Me.  We started out doing just workbooks for our language arts curriculum and the girls hated it even MORE. I mean crying in frustration hated it. So we chucked the workbooks in the trash went a new route. We decided to go with Moving Beyond the Page 8-10 year old language arts curriculum.

There were a few selling features for me...

1. I can co-teach my oldest 2 daughters! That is MAJOR in my book. We only have so many hours in the day and being able to be together and work together on our subjects is important!

2. Each unit is based off of a popular children's book. The girls read the chapter each morning on their own (or with some help from mom) and then we go through the questions and lesson in the afternoon. I really REALLY want my girls to have a love for reading. I am a book junkie and can go through a book a day if allowed. I would love for my girls to find the same joy in reading. So having a curriculum that encourages them to read the ENTIRE book is wonderful. Many of the curriculum's only have the child read an excerpt from a book then do the lesson. I am sorry but you miss the joy of reading if you are only reading a paragraph out of a book.

3. The lessons cover a broad subject matter and make it fun. Today we covered vocabulary words, spelling, prefixes, suffixes, comparing and contrasting, and a bit of history and science. All in one lesson!

4. I was able to buy just the curriculum from the company and then get the books used on my own through amazon for HALF the price even when you included the shipping charges!

5. There are PROJECTS! You know how we love our projects! Each unit has a final project at the end that reinforces what was learned in the book! I think this is amazing! We are currently working our way through the first unit Little House in the Big Woods and the final project has the children make a meal using pioneer methods and recipes. We are going to LOVE that! 

Really there are so many pluses to this curriculum I am sure I am missing a few. So far there have been ZERO tears with this curriculum! That is a major plus in our house!

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