Saturday, February 9, 2013

Freezer meals in action....Days 2-5

I am a bit behind but still thinking of you all.  So far the freezer meals are going well and super yummy. They are amazing to have on hand when I am way to busy to keep up with everything around the house these days.

A recap of this week:
Day1- Chicken Alfredo wraps with romaine salad
Day 2- Leftovers
Day3- Healthy BBQ Chicken with rice
Day4- Tomestone pizza's with homemade brownies
Day5- Chicken enchilada's

The "healthy bbq chicken" was good but it wasn't quite what I expected. First my chicken turned out to be more of a soup then what you would expect for bbq chicken. didn't taste like bbq at all. Don't get me wrong it was good and I am looking forward to eating it again in the coming months, it just didn't taste like bbq like I expected.

The chicken enchilada's were yummy and everyone went back for seconds. I did take the cheaters way out though. I cooked the chicken and seasonings as it lists in the recipe but when it came time to serve it I took a shortcut (the baby was crying and I had 3 toddlers hanging on my legs wanting their dinner). I shredded the chicken and used it as a burrito filling. We added some sour cream, romaine lettuce, and cheddar cheese. They were super yummy and total hit. We have enough left for 1 enchilada tomorrow or later tonight...will be interesting to see who gets to it first!

I have no idea what is for dinner tomorrow and I like not knowing. I love not having to meal plan or worry about getting anything assembled in the mornings.

I am a bit spoiled right now as I don't get up for the day till 10am. I drop the dinner in the crockpot as I am making my breakfast and it is done by 6pm when we are all ready to eat. Easy Peasy!

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