Friday, February 15, 2013

Freezer Meals in action. Days 9-11

 We are loving our freezer meals over here!

Day 9: Whole chicken with veg
Day 10: Pizza Casserole
Day 11: Honey Glazed Pork chops with spinach salad and chocolate dipped strawberries

The whole chicken with veggies were not such a big hit. The chicken was greasy feeling and the Italian dressing didn't give the meat any flavor at all. The veggies dissolved in the sauce and didn't get put on the plate at all. Also because of the dressing I could not use the drippings and bones to make chicken stock. In the future we will be using just a regular un-seasoned chicken without the veggies and adding frozen veggies on the stovetop at dinner time.

The pizza casserole is always a hit around here.

The honey glazed pork chops were a hit as well. I would probably double the amount of liquid next time so that there would be some sauce to serve over the pork chops. The chocolate dipped strawberries were a gift from my mother for Valentines day and were a major hit as well.

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