Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Busy little bee.....

Even though I don't have to cook dinner or lunch these days thanks to my freezer meal stockpile I do still have to spend some time in the kitchen. We still need some snacks and breakfast items on hand on a daily basis. I however only have 30min at a time to get things done. With this in mind I tend to make up a list of things I want to get prepped or cooked in advance per day and then work on it in bits and pieces as time allows.

Yesterday I made up a large batch of pico de gallo and chocolate granola bars...YUM!

Today I worked on cutting up cheese, carrots, and grapes for quick one handed snacks.

Tonight I am hoping to get 6 dozen apple oatmeal muffins made and in the freezer for breakfasts....and maybe if I am REALLY good I can get a french toast bake put together, baked, and in the fridge tonight as well. All depends on little bit's nursing schedule so we will see how well I do.

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