Monday, February 4, 2013

Adding baby #6 on a budget

My husband and I are very very blessed. We have 6 healthy, happy, amazing children.  Those children we are told should be quite expensive to provide for....we however are not rolling in the cash and are frugal by nature. So when it came time to provide clothing and such for our 6th child we were on a mission to do so as cheaply as possible.

Some things we already had thanks to our older children...
*cloth diapers
*changing table
*car seat
*blankets and bedding

Somethings we needed...
*clothing for 0-12mths
*Bouncy seat

Once we found out we were having a little girl I started looking to buy the needed items for as little as possible. It became a fun challenge for me. Sort of like a frugal scavenger hunt.

How did I do?

Clothes....newborn through 12mths.... $0. Yes I got a entire wardrobe for our new little one for free!  These are amazing clothes, so adorable and most of them are name brands. Actually I have a few too many clothes! How did I manage it? I kept my eyes open and put the word out that we were looking for clothes for our little one. I was willing to pay for them but was blessed to have several people from my husband's work offer me their baby clothes for free. I honestly can't wait to be able to do the same for someone else down the road.

Swing...$30. Gotta love having a facebook yard sale site! Another mom posted that she had a $165 swing that she was selling for $30. It looks brand new and works perfectly. The best part was that they lived in our subdivision so I didn't even have to drive very far to pick it up.

Bouncy seat....$15. Again the facebook yard sale site paid off. I got a brand new looking $64 bouncy seat for $15!

Bassinet...$15. Facebook strikes again. This one was a bit of an adventure as I didn't realize till after I committed to buy the bassinet that the house I was going to was in a rough neighborhood. Luckily the lady was very nice and I didn't get hit in the head and abducted. Don't tell my mother though! The bassinet retails for $84!

Replacement car seat fabric $15. While my car seat was still usable my car seat fabric had seen better days (and was boy themed). So I splurged and bought a used car seat from a neighbor and then removed the fabric to use on my car seat. I do NOT recommend buying a used car seat for use since you do not know 100% that the seat has not been in a accident. However since I just needed the fabric I was willing to buy used.

Total cost for all the "stuff" we needed for this baby? $75! I honestly don't know why people buy new these days. Not only are used items better for your pocket book but so much better for the environment as well.

2 comments on "Adding baby #6 on a budget"

Katie on February 6, 2013 at 10:22 AM said...

I often wonder why more people don't buy used either. So much cheaper and you only use it for a short time....well if you have lots of babies then maybe not ;)

Kristi said...

I agree! Used is the way to go. My little ones clothes and toys are a mix of Goodwill, hand me downs, and gifts. We were even able to borrow her swing from a friend. With our second on the way the only thing we plan on buying is a swing (unless we can borrow again), and a double stroller, preferably off of Craigslist. It is so easy to find used, it seems silly to buy new!


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