Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cash Envelope Wallet

As part of our new years resolutions we decided to go to cash only for our variable spending (Groceries, eating out, gas, household expenses, etc). We decided to go with the Dave Ramsey envelope system...but....I hate paper envelopes. They tear, they get lost, they don't hold coins...I could go on and on. So I hit up pinterest for ideas on cloth envelopes. I found this envelope wallet pattern and was sold.

 I found some scraps from my second daughters quilt and got started. I did have to order some zippers and elastic, so the whole thing cost me $9 total with shipping.

Front cover
 Inside cover with slots for cards and a pocket for a checkbook or notepad.
 The 6 zippered "envelopes"
 The back cover with slot for checkbook or notepad.
I am so excited for our next paycheck so I can fill all my envelopes up!

1 comments on "Cash Envelope Wallet"

Anonymous said...

that's really cute!


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