Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Net Worth Tracking

It is that time of the year again when we calculate out our net worth and see how we did throughout the prior year.

I am always shocked at the totals, in a good way!

A little back story to get us started this year. Way back in 2008 my husband and I decided we were determined to pay off all our debt and live a debt free life from that point forward. It took us a while to get there but we became debt free in February 2011. I actually started this blog to document and encourage myself in our debt free journey so you can follow along on the journey just by starting at the beginning of this blog. I will warn you though that there were lots of blunders and not so great ideas along the way!  

When we became debt free it was AMAZING to know we don't have to worry about debt hanging over our heads any longer. As of February 2011 we started paying ourselves instead of the banks, which caused this amazing thing to happen....our net worth started to go UP and UP and UP. I love that the banks now pay US interest on our money instead of the other way around.

We decided to follow the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps on our journey. We can not say enough good things about Dave Ramsey and his approach to living debt free.

Okay ready for the Net Worth totals?

Since February 2011 to now (January 2013) our net worth has increased to 1.5 years of income divided among 2 different retirement accounts, our emergency fund,  and our down payment for a house savings account. All in 2yrs of savings.

Have I mentioned how amazing living debt free is? It is so easy to get bogged down with the daily "stuff" associated with living on a budget. It isn't easy to make the sacrifices that need to be made, to prioritize between wants and needs, and make the hard decisions. It does however pay off BIG TIME in the long run. 

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