Saturday, January 5, 2013

Redoing a bedroom on a budget: Room #2

Our second bedroom change up was to move our twins (who turn 3 on Monday) into the room with their older sister (who is 6). I forgot to take a before picture of this room so you get halfway pics...

The room was already a pale purple with purple curtains, a set of bunk beds, and a dresser. So in the interest of sticking to the budget we went with what we already had in place. We cleaned the carpet, scrubbed the walls, and pulled out any furniture that no longer fit in the room with the addition of a free standing twin bed.

Here is the finished product....we didn't go all out because 3yr olds are not the easiest on decorations. The tiny butterflies on the wall decals were ripped down only a day later so I am glad I didn't invest any more money in decorative touches then I did.

Cost breakdown:
Twin bed: $115
Hanging pom poms (not pictured): $14.94
Cubbies: $19.99
Wall decals: $10.21

Total Cost:  $160.14

Not to bad considering it is a room for 3 kiddlets :)

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