Saturday, May 19, 2012

Keeping the momentum

Everything is going smoothly. I know as soon as I say that something is doing to go wrong though.

We did  get some bad news in that we are going to have to cover part of the rental car, about $400. I am not overly thrilled with this news!  It will be coming out of the car savings though so I am slightly less annoyed but not by much.

I have been trying to figure out how to keep the momentum with my business and thought up some ideas for making some 4th of July things since that is the next holiday. I ordered some super cute little white star buttons, gonna add them to some red and blue hair clips. I figure all the momma's are gonna want hair clips to match their little girls outfits ;) I also am toying with the idea of doing a American Flag wall hanging. It will be expensive to produce, but I would think it would sell especially if I get it out before the 4th. Need to think about that.

Budget wise things are on track so far this month.

I got the recordable books for DH to do for the kids yesterday. He is planning on recording them on Monday while he has the day off. I am still waiting to hear about the daddy doll, not sure when it will ship.

I gave all 5 of the kids their "summer" hair cuts over the last few days. Gotta love a free hair cut and not having to deal with long hair and tangles anymore ;)  They are super cute if I do say so myself :D Now to chop off mine in the next few weeks before DH leaves or I will have a heat stroke this summer.

Okay gotta go I have a ton of cleaning to do today. I have been slacking the last few days ;)

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