Saturday, May 26, 2012

Freezer Cooking ~Day 2~

Today is ground beef day ;)

I have been a busy girl over here today. I started cooking at 9am and with lots of breaks in between, including a super fun play date, I am nearly done!

Today's cooking:
7 ground beef with onions
3 Taco meat
6 Meat sauce for spaghetti
2 Chili's
2 Sloppy Joe's
2 Meatloaf (uncooked)
2 Cheeseburger pies (need to add topping when baking)

I still need to make :
2 Sheppard's Pies
2 Pizza Casseroles
2 Enchilada's

I plan to take a mini break for a bit and get the rest of the meals done tonight once the kiddlets are down. So far my main aggravation is not having enough "molds" available for my meals. For example I only have 1 pie pan but I need 4 of them to freeze 4 "pies". I ended up having to break out my cake pans and use them as molds. Once the "pie" is frozen I will pop them out and reline the cake pan to be able to make the sheppard's pies next.

Also I didn't fully think about how much putting warm food in my freezer would affect the temperature in the freezer. I have since upped the freezer temp and am cooling the cooked foods in the fridge before moving them over. Hopefully that will help. The pot roasts last night didn't freeze fast enough and I have black potatoes in one of my bags :(

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