Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gloomy rainy day here

Today is a rainy gloomy day here and I just want to curl up under the covers and sleep. To bad I still have 3 toddlers to take care of ;)

Lets see............

Budget is rolling right along :)

Hailey, Sara, and I went last night to get the fish for her birthday tank. For the entire set up including tank and everything it was $12 :) Gotta love free stuff!

The rental car took back one of the charges and only charged us $380. I am still ticked off since it was supposed to be 100% covered. They really pulled a fast one on DH getting his to agree to something he didn't realize would make some of the charges our responsibility. Paid that off out of the pay off from the insurance company so that is done.

Dh decided last night that he would rather put new tires on my van before he goes than to get a new car for himself. So he is going to take my van in this weekend for new tires. That will come out of the insurance money as well.

Still waiting on the replacement wheel for my stroller to come in. I really don't like being house bound while DH is at work :( I did manage to time the buses right this morning and get the big girls on their buses so I didn't have to figure out how to walk them to school with a broken stroller. Irritates me that their buses run 30min apart!

Business stuff is slowing down, which is a mixed blessing. It is giving me more time to work on my garden but the garden doesn't pay cash ;)  I have a order of fabric coming in today so I will be starting on a new quilt for sale soon. This one is a Lullaby baby quilt, it is pretty and pretty simple to put together.

Garden update: Tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, carrots, peas, lettuce, purple beans, zucchini, poinsettia peppers, corn salad, cucumbers, and herb pot all planted. Just got the purple beans, zucchini and poinsettia peppers in the ground yesterday so we are waiting for them to sprout. I am sure everything out there is loving this rain! Still need to get my watermelons and some cabbage in the ground. May do that today during nap time if it stops raining for a bit. It is so much easier to rip out the grass and put in a vegetable bed after it has been raining.

I guess that is it here. Been super busy and have been falling into bed lately.

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