Saturday, May 19, 2012

Buying new tires and paying off collection agencies

Ugh. Good thing we are in a pantry challenge ;) We have had a bill show up out of the blue that got forwarded to the wrong address after our move from Hawaii. Since we didn't know about it we didn't pay it and it has now gone to collections.  Since it needed to be paid ASAP we paid the bill via our checking account AFTER we had already sent our snowball. I can always move money from our FFEF if I need to but DH and I talked about it and decided just to have a "tight" month and try and pull it out without transferring money. We shall see how we do. We are down to about $200 in the account till the end of the month.

DH also decided to get new tires on my van, a alignment, and a oil change before he leaves. So the car is in the shop at the moment getting everything done and he will pick it up tonight on his way home. Only $610 for 4 new tires and all the rest. Apparently they are having a tire sale today and he saved $100 :D He put the money on the CC and I will pay it out of the car savings fund as soon as it posts.

Some of the handles for the dresser came in today :D I got them on and they are perfect! Still waiting on the knobs then I will get a pic.

I made $20 watching a friends DD before and after school which is a nice little snowflake for all of maybe 3 hours.

The fabric for the custom hot rod quilt came in :) I spent nap time cutting it out, it is going to be adorable and I will have to get some pics of the progress.

So far the pantry challenge is going well. We have spent $350 so far, at this point in the month we would have normally spent $600 with another $200 before the next pay period. I am hoping to not have to go to the store again before payday. We shall see.

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