Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Workbook Organization

As I have mentioned I am trying to get away from doing mainly workbooks during the day. However we still have lots of workbooks that we use during the week. I find them wonderful for introducing the new material then we go on to "play with" the knowledge to further cement it into our heads. 

We were getting a bit overwhelmed with workbooks and notebooks recently and I was losing my mind. My OCD kicked in big time!

I needed something to keep all this mess contained and the crafty side of me wanted it to be pretty as well. I did quite a bit of searching on pinterest and came up with the idea for covering a box with fabric. I went rooting around in my fabric stash and found the old crib bumper fabric from when my twins were babies. I had stripped the fabric off the bunting before throwing the bunting away and then stuffed it in a drawer not knowing how I was going to use it. Fast forward 3yrs and boom perfect project!

I gathered up two boxes and my fabric and got started. First I cut the flaps off the boxes and then laid out my fabric on the boxes to see exactly how I wanted it to lay. These bumpers have a small ribbon line running through the middle of them and I thought that would be perfect for a decorative touch at the top of the boxes. Once I had the fabric cut to the appropriate length I rolled it up to make it easier to attach.

I broke out my trusty can of spray adhesive (you can find it at the dollar store!) and sprayed the back outer side of the first box. I centered the fabric in the middle of the side and made sure to smooth it down straight and without bubbles. Once the side was attached I sprayed the bottom section and folded the fabric under. Once that was done I repeated the process around the box. Doing one side at a time then attaching it to the bottom of the box. At the end I turned the fabric down so that there was a smooth edge that covered the rough edge from where I started. Once I had the sides and bottom attached I simply folded the fabric over so it covered the inside sides of the box. Then repeated the process till all the inner sides of the box were covered. Once that was done I cut a piece of fabric to cover the bottom of the box and cover the rough sides of the cut fabric.

*I would have gotten pictures of the process but my hands were covered in spray adhesive and I didn't want to get my camera all sticky*

Once it was all done I decided to make a divider for the big box so that I could separate the workbooks by child and make things even more organized.  I just found a larger box and cut it down to size so that it wedged in firmly and and about 4 inches bent back on the bottom for stability. Then I covered it too with fabric.

A few quick signs printed off of Word and laminated finished off the project and we were good to go.

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