Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Thursday it just me?

It is Thursday. I don't know about you but I find Thursday to be the least motivated day of the week for school work. Especially when Friday is a field trip as is the case today. I needed to come up with some fun ideas for today and I needed to do it quickly! I did a quick search of my "just in case of emergency" pinterest homeschooling board and found these gems. I printed the *FREE* Buggy Math Mats  and games from The Crafty Classroom.  I think they are adorable! They have mats for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division! Something for each of my girls! I printed one set of mats out and 2 sets of numbers, got them laminated and we were ready to go.


First up was the "roll the dice and make 10" game. My 7yr old had a bit of trouble with it but the 9yr old found it WAY to easy.
 Next up we used the mats. My 7yr old stuck with the addition and subtraction mats while my 9yr old gave the division mat a try. We are still working on this one and she tends to fret about having to do something new so this was a fun way to introduce it.

While I had the printer and lamination machine out I decided to go ahead and print out these handy little clocks from Excuse me Mrs. C.

I printed the clocks out, wrote the minutes under the appropriate number then laminated them. Once that was done I cut out the hands and attached them with a brad.

I meant to color the minute hand blue and the hour hand red before I laminated them but my 4yr old twins were "helping" me with the lamination machine and I got a bit distracted. If I was doing it again I would color them first just to help the children distinguish between the minute and hour hands.

My 7yr old is just starting to learn this skill so this clock will be very helpful for her. My 9yr old could use some more practice as well so I made her her own clock as well.

Have I mentioned how much I *LOVE* having my own lamination machine? Seriously the best $30 I ever spent! Now these clocks will still be useable in a few years when my twins are ready to learn how to tell time!

 Outside of math we worked on our history textbook this morning. We are doing the Story of our World Ancient times and really enjoying it.

It surprises me that my 7yr old is the one yelling out the answers to all the review questions at the end. She seems to take after her father and really enjoy history.

Today we are learning about the nomads as well as finishing up our own personal history books all about family. The girls have enjoyed interviewing family members and designing their own books. 

I think the girls are trying to rush me though the early chapters so that we can get to the chapter about mummies. There happens to be an experiment where you mummify your own chicken. I have never seen two little girls so excited about a chicken carcass in my life!

Tomorrow is a big day over here. Our first field trip!! I am taking the 4 oldest girls and they are practically pinging off the walls with excitement. They have been counting down for days to get here. I am sure we will have a blast tomorrow!

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