Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our Curriculum: Preschool

I think it is about time we talk about what curriculum we are using with our two preschoolers. The twins are brand new 4yr olds and so stinking smart! Seriously sharp as little tacks. We already do a lot of reading and hands on "home learning" with them but we  decided to go ahead and start a loose pre-k curriculum with them as well.

The already know all their shapes and colors so we jumped right in to the ABC's and numbers. My 7yr old has been DYING to try but when I looked at it I realized it would be way to easy for her. It was perfect for the twins however. So I signed them up and they were more than willing to give it a try. Actually they are little addicts. Know how I got them to go down for a nap today? I told them they couldn't play ABCmouse unless they had a nap first. Kids went down like rocks!

I noticed the first time we tried using the site that the mouse was a bit too big for them and having the mulitple buttons and the wheel in the center was making it hard for them to use. So I ordered this adorable little one button mouse for them (click the picture to be taken to the information about it):


As you can see from the photos it fits much better into their hands and makes it much easier for them to use the website.

Also on our pre-k curriculum list is lots of free ABC and phonics apps for our kindles. Here are just a few of the ones we loaded for our girls:


**As always the prices on amazon change frequently make sure to double check before you buy!

 Our 2 yr old son was not about to be left out of the fun and wanted to learn about his ABC's as well. I am sorry but he is just too cute!

And not to be left out of a post about pre-k our youngest little girl was more than happy to try out some apps on the kindle as well.

 She happens to love this barnyard game:

We already have our kindergarten curriculum picked out and I have to say I am excited to get started with it in the fall! So many crafts and projects to do!

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