Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our Curriculum: Science

                                                                       Today I thought we would talk about the Science curriculum we have chosen for our girls.We decided to go with Apologia's Zoology 1: Flying Creatures for our first Science lessons. As I mentioned in a previous post we chose curriculum for our girls that had a lot of hands on material and experiments. This curriculum has not let us down on that front! 
The curriculum comes with a teachers textbook and a zoology journal for each of the girls. Our oldest daughter, 4th grade, received the standard journal and that has been a just right fit for her. While our second daughter, 2nd grade, received the junior journal. The junior journal has lots of coloring pages and much simpler writing assignments. Both however have lots of activities in the back for the girls to do during the lesson review time period.

There is a sample lesson plan included in the beginning of the children's journals but we decided to quirk it a bit for our schedule. We chose to do 1 lesson per week, breaking it into 5 parts. The first three days are just reading the text and doing the "try this" sections. The fourth day is our review day when we do all the review pages. These include crossword puzzles for the vocabulary work, and other fun activities found in the back of the journal. The fifth day of the week we dedicate to doing the experiments or research projects assigned for each lesson. Our first lesson had the children do a research project about the endangered species where we live. I can honestly say the girls REALLY got into this project!

I think my favorite part of this curriculum is that it involves a lot of outside time. One of the first things the book had us do was make our own field journals with a scavenger hunt list. The girls have loved getting out of the house and going on nature hikes looking for the items on their lists.

 I am not going to lie....I don't particularly like birds. I have a bit of PTSD from being attacked by geese when I was younger. However even I am liking these lessons. It is a lot of fun to see how excited the girls are getting about their adventures.

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