Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thinking outside the workbook.....

I have been REALLY trying to come up with more projects and ideas for my girls that get the same results as workbooks but are more fun for everyone....I mean really who LIKES grammar? Sorry not me or apparently my girls.

First up our own board game. You have to get the flash card correct in order to get a turn. Sara won 3 times Hailey 0. In Hailey's defense she got all the answers correct she just had rotten luck and kept hitting the "traps" on the board.

*learning measurements while making the board, art for designing the board, counting and adding with the dice and moving the pieces, and today's flash cards were proper and common nouns. Good thing is the board can be used for any flash cards. I just made simple flash cards on Word with different nouns on them today for this game.

Learning geometry and units of measurement. Also known as making origami animals.

Sara and her current obsession...learning science, history and reading. She kept stopping every few sentences to yell "Hey mom did you know ______" so cute!

What are your favorite "out of the workbook" ideas?

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