Monday, December 31, 2012

January Meal Plan and monthly shopping trip

I worked up January's monthly meal plan. Since I am due this month I wanted to get everything in place before I go into labor. My mother is coming into town on the 22nd so I only meal planned up till that point since when she is here we tend to go out to eat while we are out and about with the kids.

31  Wild rice soup with bread
1 Taco's
2 leftovers
3 Chicken Parmesan
4 Italian sausage and bean soup with bread
5 Sour cream chicken enchiladas
6 Spaghetti
7 Leftovers
8 Ham quick bean soup with bread
9 Grilled chicken and spinach quesadillas
10 Cream crockpot chicken
11 Grilled chicken stirfry noodle bowl
12 leftovers
13 Taco soup with bread
14 Chicken pot pie
15 Mexican chicken casserole
16 Bow ties and smoked sausage
17 leftovers
18 Pork wontons
19 Poverty meal (homemade hamburger helper)
20 BBQ Brisket
21 Leftovers
22 Buffalo chicken chili

Finished my monthly grocery shop this afternoon and I am beat. I am glad I got it done! I think even a few more days along and I would not have made it. As it was I was stopping random men and asking them to get me things off the bottom shelves and stopping to sit down every few aisles.

Total for this months meals: $299

We will need 4 more gallons of milk on the 13th when the milk I bought today expires since  I don't have enough room in my freezers to store any extra gallons. Luckily though I can trust my husband to get a few gallons of milk. I figure another $50 towards milk and fruit in the middle of the month and we should be go to go till February. Of course February starts our "eating out of the freezer season" as we adjust to life with a newborn. I will enjoy no cooking and minimal shopping for the three months it will take to empty our large freezer!

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