Thursday, December 13, 2012

Banoffee Pie!

I am all about some dessert these days! I am also all about EASY and CHEAP desserts.

I had to share this one!

Banoffee Pie

1 graham cracker pie crust (0.69)
3 Banana's ($0.43)
1 container whipped cream ($0.79)
1 can sweetened condensed milk ($1.20)

First up remove the label from your sweetened condensed milk and place it in boiling water. Make sure the top is covered with water and boil for 2.5 hours. Yes I know it is a long time! I put the lid on my pot and checked it every 20-30min adding water as needed to keep the can covered. Allow to cool before you try and open it, if you don't it will explode out of the can....ask me how I know!

 Guess just made toffee!

When your toffee is ready to go slice up your banana's and layer them in the bottom of your crust.

Spread your toffee on top.

Top with your whipped cream....


You are DONE. Come on how easy is that? Just chill your pie for a bit and you are ready to eat!

Total cost for the pie: $3.11

Think they liked it??

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