Thursday, December 13, 2012

End of the month challenge....Grocery shopping

Well the grocery shopping for the rest of the year is done.....well almost....I will have to go back one more time for milk since my freezers are too full to add any gallon jugs in.

How did I do? Well I splurged on somethings that were wants not needs but did pretty well....

Texas toast (4 loafs) $6.28
Hot Dog buns and hot dogs $5.42  **Splurge**
Bread (3 loafs)  $3.81
2lbs Bacon $5.78
2lbs Sausage  $3.98
2 bags frozen mixed vegetables $3.58
Shrimp $6.99
Whipped topping $0.79
3 lbs Mozzarella Cheese $5.37
Sour Cream $1.59 **Splurge**
Cocoa $2.10 **Splurge**
Garlic $1.58
Vanilla $3.19
Applesauce $7.96
2 Frozen Pizzas $7.00 **Splurge**
Honey glazed ham $16.45 (!)
2 cans Green beans $1.30
2 can cinnamon rolls $2.98 **Splurge**
Unflavored gelatin  $2.24 **Splurge**
Rotisserie chicken $5.99
4 dozen eggs $4.84
Cereal $2.50
Graham cracker crust $0.69
2 gallons skim milk $5.42
2 gallons whole milk $6.26
3 cartons almond milk $8.07
Baby carrots $1.19
Romain lettuce $1.98
6lbs Red delicious apples $5.98
4.5lbs banana's $2.59
Sprites $3.99 **Splurge**

*Surcharge: $6.89
Total spent: $144.78

Budgeted amount $250
Amt remaining: $105.22

The remaining balance will have to cover our dinner out on Christmas Eve as well as my grocery run on the 22nd for more milk. If there is anything leftover I will use to to restock our meat surplus in the freezer.

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