Thursday, December 13, 2012

End of the month grocery challenge

It is the last two weeks of December and after all the holiday shopping, meal stockpiling for before the baby comes, and getting the last of the needed baby items in place we are in a self imposed budget lock down.

We have $250 to spend on food for 7 people for the next 19 days. Think we can do it? Of course we can! The main principle of our meal planning is to use items we have on hand to plan our meals, with only minimal additional items added in as needed. Then at the end of the month I am able to grab some deals to stock back up with any money leftover.

Sooo...... here we go!

19  Dinners (also used as lunch for the next day)
*Rotisserie Chicken with veggies
*Chicken Fajita's
*Sheppard's Pie
*Meatball subs
*Wild rice soup with bread
*Beer Cheese soup with bread
*Spicy shrimp with rice noodles
*Homemade pizza
*Christmas Eve dinner out!
*Christmas Day Ham, green beans, and mashed potatoes
*Chicken Alfredo with garlic bread
*Baked teriyaki chicken with veggies
*Chicken parmesan
 *Cream of chicken with rice

*Baked oatmeal
*French toast bake
*Eggs and toast

Grocery list:
*4 dozen Eggs
*4 gallons Whole Milk
*4 gallons Skim milk
*6 containers almond milk
*2 loafs of Bread
*5 LARGE containers Apple sauce
*3 loafs Texas toast
*2 lbs Bacon
*2lbs Sausage
*Cereal (for my husband)
*3 bags Mozzarella
*Green beans
*Small bag of carrots
*Graham cracker crust
*Rotisserie chicken
*Frozen bags of vegetables

There we go....Now on to the grocery store!

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